Language Tutors

For over 20 years, Foreign Language Exchange Tutors (FLETs) have been invited to Bard to teach. Very much like the FLTA Program of the Institute of International Education, Bard’s FLET Program aims to strengthen foreign language instruction by establishing a native speaker presence, providing an opportunity for young, international teachers to add an energetic and up-to-date cultural component to foreign language classes as well as to student life on the campus, thus making studying and learning languages much more meaningful and real. All students who are taking language and foreign language literature courses at Bard participate in tutorials (see your language's Study Resource page for tutorial schedule). Expand for more. Expand

Additional Resources

Tutor Profiles
Offers photos and biographies of current and past tutors

Resources for Teaching and Tutoring
Provides resources to help teachers and tutors prepare for classes and tutorials

Foreign Language Exchange Tutor (FLET) Site
Offers information for living as a FLET at Bard, including preparation, housing, meals, etc.

Foreign Language Exchange Tutor (FLET) Employment
Offers information for applying to become a FLET.