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Language Study Resources

By actively engaging an international staff, the Language Center seeks to provide a regularly updated and carefully researched range of often difficult to find academic, cultural and popular language resources, study- and self-evaluation tools, as well as course –specific supplements for learners on any level in all languages.

Our Resources

These resources are valuable, not only for students, but for tutors and faculty as well.

Our staff consists of international students and foreign language students dedicated to the research of online resources to assist in the study of a foreign language. These resources consist of helpful dictionaries, grammar and vocabulary exercises, podcasts on a variety of topics, video and film resources, musical resources, and exams you can use to test your language level. Our resources are always being updated and refined by our researchers, and we also have a growing collection of films uploaded at the request of foreign language professors.

Find interactive language learning demos here: FLCL Interactive Language Learning Demos, 2017-2018