Language Center Services


The Language Center offers the Bard Community a variety of ways to explore foreign languages, sharpen language skills and improve cultural proficiency outside the regular language and literature classes @ Bard College -  from hosting Bard's own FLET Tutors and their small tutoring sessions, to actively engaging international students and  native speakers of many languages as members of the faculty and student support team.

Location & Hours

The Bard Language Center (Olin LC 202-207) is located in the center of campus, directly across from Olin. Equipped with a number of smart classrooms, a seminar room with 20 multimedia computer stations, and a networked printer,  the LC houses the majority of language classes and tutoring sessions.

Monday-Friday: 8am-11pm
Saturday-Sunday: 1pm-11pm


The Mission: To assist all members of the Bard community to develop their linguistic and cultural proficiencies with the help of a wide array of resources. The staff’s unique insight into the intricacies of each language and culture allows for a continual course-driven development, expansion, and improvement of in-house as well as online language resources. 

Language Tables

Any member of the wider Bard community, regardless of age, interest or major has the opportunity to practice their language skills over lunch, as each department offers their own language table once a week. Anyone can drop in for a quick chat in between classes, or stay for the duration. [more…leads to contact info and calendar?]

Placement Tests

Bard does not require [but strongly encourages] students to study a foreign language. Students interested in taking a language should contact the respective professor to find out what level of language classes would be suitable for them. In addition to an interview, students may be asked to take a brief proficiency test via the Bard portal.