Italian at Bard

Italian at Bard

Italian civilization needs no presentation, as its present and past artistic, poetic and cultural achievements passionately engage with the major questions of today’s world. Italy boasts the largest number of UNESCO sites: from Roman and Greek heritage to Medieval architecture, from the stunning achievements of the Renaissance to the the charm of its cinema. Italy’s controversial modern politics and its history of a migrating nation all contribute to the allure of a civiltà that is not only the cradle of Western Civilization; but also a place of encounter for cultures, people and ideas. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, Italy plays today a key role in the challenging negotiations between Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.

Italian/ Italian Studies

The Italian Studies program at Bard encompasses various disciplines: from literature to art, from political science and history to music, students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Italian culture and study it in a broader transnational context. A student who has never studied Italian can enroll in the Italian Language Intensive class in the Spring semester, followed by a study abroad program in Sicily over the Summer. Successively, Italian students can improve their language skills and move towards 200 and 300 level classes: the program allows students to develop critical thinking and a multidisciplinary knowledge of Italy’s civilization. Italian Studies can be pursued as a stand-alone major but designing a joint-major with another discipline is encouraged and fully supported.

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