Working at Bard

Expectations of a Candidate:

FLET candidates should be enthusiastic about teaching, and should have a sincere interest in teaching their native language and culture to American students. They should demonstrate knowledge of their culture and current events in their home country. They should have leadership skills, the ability to motivate students, and the ability to relate to them in an emphatic manner. FLETs should have a desire to meet people and become a part of the community by participating in community events and campus activities. They should be able to work creatively and be self-reliant, but also be good team players who maintain excellent relationships with faculty, staff and students. 

Code of Conduct

The Bard Student Handbook outlines College policies and regulations; a link to the academic year calendar, and provides a guide to campus resources, facilities, and information about Bard students rights and responsibilities.

FLET/FLTA housing, is considered an adult community. It is expected that all tutors will negotiate the needs of other housemates with respect for cultural and individual differences. A Facility Use Agreement, describing the expectations for FLET/FLTA on campus housing, will be reviewed and signed during orientation.