FLET Planning Your Stay


Flight arrivals and transportation to campus are arranged for the Wednesday before the start of the Fall Semester.  An Orientation schedule will be provided upon your arrival.  The Orientation will take place the Thursday & Friday after your arrival.  During orientation you will be accompanied through the process of establishing your Student Payroll, getting your Bard ID card, accessing Dining Services, participating in campus activities, and meeting the staff at the Languages and Literature Department and Language Lab.  A tour of the campus will be provided by a tour guide from Admissions and trips to Kingston to set up banks, cell phones and shop for supplies to set up your residence hall space will be arranged.   

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, before the first Monday of the Fall Semester
    Expected arrival date for FLETs. On campus room and board will not be available for FLETs before this date.
  • Thursday& Friday before the first Monday of the Fall Semester
    On campus orientation will be held 
  • Wednesday following Bard Graduation
    Final day for access to on-campus housing.  Classes and meal plan end the Tuesday before Bard Graduation