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Mariam Enany

Tutor of Arabic

Email: ArabicLang@bard.edu

Ahlan! I am Mariam Enany, from Alexandria, Egypt. I am excited to be back for the second year of my teaching fellowship. Last year was incredible in every sense, and I was so proud to see some of my students go from barely connecting letters to making up stories and writing poems in Arabic. This year, I am looking forward to meeting more curious and driven students who’d like to embark on this journey with the MES faculty and myself. It’ll be fun! I’ll make sure to pick a good soundtrack.
On the professional level, I got my B.A degree in English Literature from Alexandria University. I’ve worked at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina after graduation as a Knowledge Organization and Management Specialist. However, during my Fulbright year at Bard (2013-2014, FLTA program) I was able to explore working in Academia with a focus on teaching, which turned out to be my true calling. Since then, I’ve earned my TESOL/TEFL certificate, started my M.A. in literature in Alexandria University, and worked in institutions such as AMIDEAST and Edison International. I am interested in issues concerning international education, gender, and women’s equality (particularly in the Middle East, but Feminism is needed everywhere). In my spare time, I feed my obsession with anything Turkish, go on quests to find good American coffee, stare at Art in NYC. But mostly, I tend to spend my time looking for beautifully written sentences, and when brave enough, I try to write them.