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Rana Adel

Tutor of Arabic

Adel, Rana

Marhaba everyone. My name is Rana Adel. I am the Arabic tutor in Bard this year. I come from Alexandria, Egypt. Alexandria is a coastal city located on the Mediterranean sea. It was founded by Alexander the Great and it was the center of Hellenistic civilization. From the late 18th century, Alexandria became a major center of the intellectual shipping industry and one of the most important trading centers in the world, because it profited from the easy overland connection between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

I lived and studied in an international school there called E.G.C then I joined the faculty of Arts in Alexandria University and four years later I received my BA majoring in linguistics and translation. I also worked as an English teacher in various international schools. Afterwards, I received my CELTA certificate from Cambridge University to teach English for adults worldwide. Upon completion I have worked as an English Language tutor in AMIDEAST the American center for three years. I have taught a variety of different courses such as General English, TOEFL, Kids programs and English programs sponsored by the American Embassy for Syrian refugees.

I love traveling, reading, exploring new places and meeting new people from different cultures, picking up some words from different languages and trying different cuisines. I am really thrilled to be here this year, to teach Arabic at Bard and represent my home country, Egypt, and be a cultural ambassador for my country. I am sure that my stay in the States will be an amazing, enriching and life changing experience.

I am looking forward to meeting every one of you!