Student Profiles

Community Action Awards 2014 & 2015

The Bard Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) Community Action Awards support student efforts to engage with communities locally, nationally, and internationally by providing funding for participation in internships that address issues impacting people around the world.

Lee Cummings

Community Action Awards 2015

Cummings, Lee
"I am currently an intern at the Japan Society in New York City working in their education department. My internship will continue to work with my department until the end of August until I go back to Bard. In August, we are working with a group of young high school students who are interested in art and Japanese US relations. They will be analyzing WWII propaganda art through history, graphic style, and artistic techniques used by artists to communicate ‘calls to action’ and the shaping of public perception and views.  Students utilize techniques to curate and produce visual messages and illustrated artwork that express the complexity of certain mediums and the message portrayed in Japan, the US, as well as Germany and other nations impacted by the War. As a culminating event, the Student Exhibition will display selected curated and created artwork from the program."

A further account of Lee's experience may be found here.