William Mullen

Professor of Classics (In Memoriam 1946-2017)

B.A., Harvard College; Ph.D., University of Texas. Professor at University of California, Berkeley; Boston University; St. John’s College. At Bard since 1985. Specializations: Greek poetry, classical tradition, classical and world mythology, China/India/Greece, ancient athletics, public speaking, the public performance of poetry. Publications include Choreia: Pindar and Dance (Princeton, 1982); articles on Greek poetry, pre-Socratic philosophy, American founders’ engagement with Rome, Nietzsche, historical revisionism; poetry, including “Enchanted Rock” in Best American Poetry 1998, and translations, including contributions to the Norton Anthology’s The Greek Poets: Homer to the Present (2009). Has led West Point–Bard joint seminars since 1985 and worked with survivors of combat trauma and juvenile delinquents. In 2011, he brought The Readers of Homer (TROH) to Bard as an official organization-in-residence. The nonprofit group organizes marathon audience-participation readings of the Iliad and Odyssey at venues around the world, most recently in London as part of the 2012 Olympics. In the spring of 2013, Bard plans to host a marathon reading of the complete Iliad for Bardians and the whole mid-Hudson community.

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