Marina van Zuylen

Professor of French and Comparative Literature; Director, French Studies Program

van Zuylen,Marina

Office: Hopson 103 (Warden's Hall)
Phone: 845-758-7381

Academic Program Affiliation(s): First-Year Seminar, Foreign Languages, Cultures, and Literatures, French Studies
Academic Expertise: French Studies
Area of Specialization: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French, Russian, German comparative literature

A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. Author, Difficulty as an Aesthetic Principle (Tübingen, 1993); Monomania: The Flight from Everyday Life in Literature and Art (Cornell University Press, 2005). Recent articles include "The Secret Life of Monsters" in Beyond the Visible: The Art of Odilon Redon; “Difficulty,” Encyclopedia of Aesthetics; “Of Degenerates, Criminals, and Literary Offenders”, “The Importance of Being Lazy,” and "Fatigued" in Cabinet; “Maghreb and Melancholy,” Research in Francophone Literature; “Monomanie à deux,” Etudes Françaises. Awards include Lurcy Fellowship; Council on Research and Faculty Development Grant, Columbia University; Sheldon Fellowship, Whiting Fellowship, Harvard University; Bard Research Grant. (1997– )

Research Interests: History of the novel, representation of private life, philosophies of temporality;; currently writing about neutrality and disengagement in recent criticism; idleness and the work ethic in Franco-American cultural history; history of marriage in the nineteenth century; representation of suffering in psychiatric literature

Teaching Interests: Comparative literature, First-Year Seminar, French literature, and intellectual history; philosophical approaches to the novel; Baudelaire and nineteenth-century aesthetics; German Romanticism; French women writers

Other Interests: Animal Rights; history of boredom; modernist aesthetics; asceticism in art and literature; art in the nineteenth-century novel