Requirements for FLET Appointments

An Ideal Candidate should:

  • Clearly demonstrate maturity, dependability, integrity and professionalism;
  • Be outgoing and dynamic individuals with a sense of humor.
  • Demonstrate fluency in English;
  • Possess the equivalent of a Bachelors degree (U.S.) with a good academic record (Masters degrees are highly desirable)
  • Prior teaching experience is preferred
In addition, candidates should be aware of the following:
  • Candidates are usually expected to teach beginning level or conversation courses.
  • Tutors are expected to have 15 - 20 contact hours per week and to serve, depending on departmental needs, as resource person in conversation groups, cultural representatives, coordinators of extracurricular activities, or supervisors of clubs/language tables.
  • Applicants usually are in their 20's. The FLET Program does not provide sponsorship for dependents.

Insurance, Medical Exams, and Medical Emergencies

FLET's will be on the Bard College Student Health Plan that allows access to on-campus Health Service and enrollment in a basic insurance plan. A medical exam is a condition of the appointment and the college will not release the stipend without one. In addition, the New York State Department of Health prohibits students from being on campus without a complete immunization record on file. Medical forms will be sent with appointment letters.  Completed paperwork is to be returned to:
Office for International Student & Scholar Services
c/o Tamara Stafford
PO Box 5000
Bard College
Annandale, NY 12504
Copies of the medical documents will be forwarded to and screened by Health Services.  Jim Brudvig should be consulted if there are any concerns about any tutor’s health history. All FLETs are given health insurance as a condition of their visas.