Recruitment for the FLETs Program

Every year Bard hires a group of foreign-based teaching assistants to assist our foreign language faculty. Foreign Language Exchange Tutor's value their time here as an opportunity to teach and take courses at a U.S. college. Most FLET's have graduate school plans or arrive as Fulbright scholars. 

Recruitment by Language

Language programs begin selecting their tutors for the following year in the spring term. Language program chairs MUST interview candidates on the phone via SKYPE or (if possible) in person. The tutors should have at least a bachelor degree and, ideally, experience in language teaching.
  • Arabic, German, Italian, and Spanish: These program identify their tutors through the Institute of International Education (IIE), based in New York City. We prefer to use IIE for several reasons: they handle all immigration paperwork, pay for tutors’ airfare, and offer assistance along the way—all this for $150 per referred tutor.
  • French: The French Program works with a local group called American Year Abroad. The AYA does not cover airfare. In exchange for our hosting tutors, it provides scholarships for Bard students in study abroad AYA program.
  • Chinese: The Chinese Program in most cases recruits tutors from Qingado University (site for the summer intensive course). Bard pays for travel costs and processes the visa.
  • Hebrew: The Hebrew Program recruits through personal contacts. Bard pays for travel cost and processes the visa.
  • Japanese: The Japanese Program plans on recruiting directly from Seiko/Kyoto University starting 2006. Bard pays for travel costs and processes the visa.
  • Russian: The Russian Program hires directly from Smolny. Bard pays for travel costs and processes the visa.


An official appointment letter will be mailed and e-mailed to each FLET at the end of the spring semester. We have a standard letter that covers all issues of compensation, housing, insurance, etc.  The appointment letter also covers what Bard expects of the FLET's, such as the following:
  • "Student teaching": tutors may teach beginning level or conversation courses, serve as resource person in conversation groups, cultural representatives, coordinators of extra curricular activities, or supervisors of clubs or language tables depending on the individual departmental needs.
  • Tutors are expected to have 15-20 contact hours per week.
  • Tutors are required to enroll in 2 Bard courses per semester; they are entitled to enroll for credit but, depending on the requirements of the institution through which they were hired, they may choose to audit some or all of the selected courses. Tutors should be advised that courses are often over-subscribed and their choices might be limited.