On-Campus Resources

Bard provides a wide range of services, activities and opportunities for students to engage in challenging and rewarding ways with peers, the community, and the world at large.

Campus Services

ID Card
You will need to have a Bard identification card during your stay at Bard College. The card will enable you to visit the gym and borrow books from the library. You can go to the Central Services Office (after you’ve gone to Human Resources) and ask for an ID card. This ID card allows you to spend an additional $ 150.00/per semester on purchased items and can be used in the Green Onion Grocery, Down the Road Café, or Manor Café). Do spend it all because you will not receive a cash refund for dollars saved.

For questions about your electronic mail account and other computer questions, contact the Help Desk  (x7500; helpdesk@bard.edu). 
Your e-mail account will be closed at the end of your year of service.  You will receive e-mail warnings alerting you to when it will be closed down.

Mail and Mailboxes
To get your mail and a mailbox you will need to go to the Post Office, which is located in the Bertelsmann Campus Center. Outgoing mail can be brought to the Post Office.

Telephone Services
Each room has a separate number.
Just plug the phone in (it might already be plugged),
dial "0", 7465, or 7460.
The party on the other end will read your number on their screen and give it to you.
Your phone is programmed to allow for only local and 800-number outgoing calls. For your convenience, pre-paid calling cards are available in the Bard College Book Store, located in the Bertelsmann Campus Center. These cards will enable you to make domestic and international long distance calls from your dorm room phone. You can also purchase calling cards through internet: http://stiphonecard.com/prepaid/phone-card/STINY05.  You can receive incoming calls to that phone line.

Cell phone:
if you are interested in using a cell phone, and you do not have an international sim card that also works in the US, you can buy a contract on a monthly basis. Use your mailing address when you apply because most companies do not accept P.O. Box addresses. Cell phone carriers, such as AT & T, Verizon or Sprint, have storefronts across the river in Kingston, NY.  There will be a trip to Kingston scheduled, after your arrival, for those interested in setting up a US cell phone plan.

Room Reservations
To reserve a room for your tutorials or additional events, you need to make your own room reservations: Rooms in the Library, Kline Commons, and Bertelsmann Campus Center can be reserved by using Bard's Space Management System. Stephanie Kufner, kufner@bard.edu, x 7433) can be contacted for room reservations in the Center for Foreign Languages and Cultures.

Printing Services
With your Bard I.D, you will have access to black & white printing services on network printer across campus. For COLOR services, refer to the faculty computer lab in old Henderson (2nd floor)

Campus Offices

With your Bard ID you have unlimited access to the Bard Athletic Center.

Health Services
The Health and Counseling Offices are located at Robbins Annex.

Instead of an additional card, a bar code will be placed on your Bard ID card. You can get it either at the circulation desk, circulation office, or reference desk of the Stevenson Library.

For any audiovisual equipment, contact av@bard.edu. Please try to reserve 72 hours in advance. For equipment in the library, speak with someone at the Reserve Desk.