Campus Life

Campus Life

The Bard College campus is situated on the east shore of the Hudson River in New York State. With the addition of the Montgomery Place Campus in 2016, the College now comprises nearly 1,000 acres. Bard’s Annandale-on-Hudson campus is a center from which students explore the rich natural and cultural life of the Hudson Valley, and also have access by car or train to New York City, about 90 miles to the south. Students enjoy world-class performing arts venues on campus and can choose from more than a hundred active student clubs, ranging in subject from astronomy to tango. 

Campus Housing

All FLETs live on campus in Stephens Hall.  Stephens Hall is one of seven residence halls that make up Cruger Village.  Stephens is centrally located, with all dining, performance, computing, library, teaching and audio-visual facilities within walking distance.  Cruger Village is typically home to first-year students, therefore there is a lot activity (particularly during the weekends and nights). Sawkill Coffee House is a 24-hour student space in Cruger Village. 
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Housing Availability

All FLETs will be assigned a single room in Stephens Hall. Housing is not available before the specified date of arrival. If FLETs decide to arrive earlier, they will need to make their own housing arrangements. For more information, see the Survival Guide. FLETs usually arrive and have the house available 5 days before that semester’s first day of school (depending on the calendar year, somewhere between August 27 and September 5). At the end of the academic year, FLETs are allowed to stay in the house until one week after the last day of the semester, which mostly falls on the Wednesday of the third week of May. Check the updated Bard calendar for specifics.