Student Employment

Who can apply to work in CFLC?

All officially enrolled Bard students regardless of their race and/ or nationality can apply for the job. The priority in the application process is given to the students who are on work-study; however, if a person does not satisfy the requirements, he or she may not be accepted and the job will be offered to a non-work student.

What are the requirements?

Computer skills

Language Center staff member should have at least basic if not solid knowledge of Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Familiarity with one or more of the following programs such as foreign language word processing (Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew etc.), Filemaker pro database, Adobe Photoshop, webpagemaker Dreamweaver is taken into account during the application process.

Personal attitude

Students seeking to work as a Bard CFLC as an Assistant must be organized, responsible, fluent in at least one foreign language, willing to learn all on-the-job equipment technicalities, and be kind or accommodating to co-workers, students and faculty. S/he must ALWAYS be prompt, able to work responsively and independently by thinking ahead on her/his own initiative.

To apply for a job online, click here.

Additional opportunities

"SPECIAL PROJECT JOBS" such as Webpage Design, Foreign Language Software Development, or Foreign Language Software Research are possible as a part- time job in CFLC. Please send an email directly to Stephanie Kufner. if you are interested.