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Cassandra: Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition - (2007)

Description:A senior project by Imogen Minton '07 performed April 28th and 29th, 2007 According to the myth, Apollo took a fancy to Cassandra and offered to trade her the ability to see the future in exchange for her compliance in the sack. When she, apparently, went back on the deal at the last minute, he flew into a rage and turned his gift into a curse -- through her prophenicies would be accurate, no one would believe her. So the story goes... But would the myth be different if we had it from Cassandra herself? The play begins, anytime and anywhere, with Cassandra's reawakening. Assisted by a chorus of average citizens, she tells her version of how Troy came to fall. Yet as the tale unfolds, it takes on a life of its own, and catches Cassandra andd the chorus up in its momentum. The past becomes the present. And we must ask ourselves, when nothing is done to disrupt histories patterns, if we have to be prophets in order to see the future. Bi-Lingual Play.

 Writer/Director: Imogen Minton
Stage Manager: Aya McKeen
Choreography: Ella Stocker
Producer: Stephanie Kufner
Starring: Sara Frier - Cassandra; Willy Crichton - Aenas; Emma McGowan - Hector, Panthous; Ted Quinlan - King Priam; Ella Stocker - Queen Hecuba; Holly Young - Paris; Danielle Sherman - Arisbe; Samuel Lang Budin - Eumelos; Kaja Engle - Polyxena; Aya McKeen - Chorus; Imogen Minton - Melelaus; Coral Pendell - Chorus.
Subtitles:No Subtitles
Category:Theater - Student Production

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